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The anonymous and very secretive “Google of data breaches” offers a vital, if controversial, service. The post Inside LeakedSource and Its Database of 3 Billion Hacked Accounts appeared first on WIRED.

via Inside LeakedSource and Its Database of 3 Billion Hacked Accounts — WIRED


The new take on the flagship supercar cuts through air like a deli slicer through Spam. The post Lamborghini Adds Extra ‘Sport’ To Its Aventador Supercar appeared first on WIRED.

via Lamborghini Adds Extra ‘Sport’ To Its Aventador Supercar — WIRED

Under normal circumstances, business leaders meeting with America’s future President would just be business as usual. When those leaders represent the liberal stronghold of Silicon Valley and that future President is Donald Trump, however, it’s anything but.Read more…

via Tim Cook on Why He Went to That Awkward Trump Meeting — Gizmodo

Image: Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI)Remotely operated vehicle surveys off the coast of California and Hawaii have produced several observations of a large deep sea ghost shark known as a “pointy-nosed blue chimaera.” The resulting video footage is the first-ever recorded of this elusive species in its natural habitat.Read more…

via Rare Footage of a Deep Sea Ghost Shark is Creepy as Hell — Gizmodo

One of the memes to come out of the somewhat contentious rollout of the MacBook Pro is that Apple has given up on the desktop Mac. Given the slower upgrade cycle of desktops and how well my Retina 5K iMac is holding up, it took me a while to pay attention to what was going…

via Apple’s Tim Cook assures employees that it is committed to the Mac and that ‘great desktops’ are coming — TechCrunch

Starting this week, metered parking spots in midtown Manhattan are going mobile with a new system that lets drivers pay via smartphone. The new ParkNYC app is tied to a car’s license plate number, working along the lines of an EZPass. Drivers enter their parking zone and the amount of time they’re parking and it…

via New York City brings smartphone payments to metered parking — TechCrunch

iPrice, an 18-month old e-commerce aggregation service that’s active in seven countries in Southeast Asia, has closed a $4 million Series A funding round. Read More

via iPrice raises $4M for its e-commerce aggregator service in Southeast Asia — TechCrunch

Waymo gets 100 new Chrysler Pacifica minivans outfitted with Waymo technology, Starry raises another $30 million, Elon Musk wants to build tunnels because of his reaction to traffic, Zuckerberg gets us one step closer to Jarvis and 79 percent of Americans now shop online. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

via Crunch Report | Zuckerberg Gets One Step Closer to Jarvis — TechCrunch

A San Diego startup called eSUB Construction Software has raised $5 million in a Series A round led by Revolution Ventures according to President and CEO Wendy Rogers. The company’s cloud-based project management apps help subcontractors track and get compensated for all the work they do on construction jobs. Rogers said, “There’s a saying that subcontractors get paid for……

via eSUB Construction Software raises $5 million to help subcontractors track jobs and get paid — TechCrunch

It’s ‘do or die’ for the Washington Redskins if they hope to make the NFL Playoffs.

via Carolina Panthers Vs. Washington Redskins Live Stream: Watch The NFL Game Online — Hollywood Life

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